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Treatment of anal fissure

An anal fissure is damage to the skin of the anal canal. The shape of an anal fissure resembles a slit with smooth and even edges. In advanced cases of the disease, the connective tissue grows along the edges of the crack and the tissues undergo trophic changes.

Anal fissures are often accompanied by pain during defecation, spasms of the sphincter and blood discharge from the anus. In addition to everything, rectal cracks often cause constipation, as a person often delays defecation due to severe pain.

Symptoms of an anal fissure:

Sharp cutting or stabbing pains during and after defecation. Such symptoms of anal fissure can last from several minutes to several hours. In the chronic form, pain, as a rule, occurs not only during bowel movements, but also during a forced long-term position. Many patients have a fear of defecation, which leads to delayed bowel movements, abuse of laxatives, and constipation.

Anal sphincter spasm occurs as a result of pain during defecation and makes bowel movements difficult.

Slight bleeding with red drops or smears on toilet paper. More bleeding may indicate the presence of other pathologies, for example, hemorrhoids or tumors.

Treatment of anal fissure:

Conservative therapy. The main task in the treatment of anal fissure is the normalization of bowel movements and reduction of sphincter tone. Conservative therapy is used in the acute course of the disease. To normalize bowel movements, the patient is recommended a diet that includes food rich in fiber and fermented milk products. Confectionery, spicy and salty dishes, and alcohol should be removed from the diet. Abundant drinking and laxatives (must be selected by a doctor) are recommended. Warm baths, as well as medicinal products (ointments, candles) can be used to relieve excess tension in the sphincter muscles.

Surgical treatment is indicated for the chronic form of the disease, when conservative therapy has failed.

Remember that treatment must be prescribed by a doctor. You can get a consultation at our medical center. Our qualified specialists will diagnose and prescribe treatment for an anal fissure.



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