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Anal polyps

Anal polyps are benign formations localized on the mucous membrane of the anorectal zone. Since the symptoms of anal polyps are non-specific and characteristic of some other diseases of the colon or rectum, it can be difficult to establish a diagnosis. 

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What are the signs of anal polyps?

  • discomfort in the anal passage;

  • a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestines;

  • a foreign body is felt in the rectum;

  • bleeding during bowel movements;

  • when polyps are localized in the distal part of the anus, traces of blood remain on the surface of the feces;

  • intestinal disorders, development of constipation;

  • irritable bowel syndrome develops, when the patient may feel deceptive urges to defecate.


The biggest risks when diagnosing anal polyps are the likelihood of rebirth.

Malignancy of neoplasms is a reason for which it is necessary to consult a proctologist in a timely manner.


Causes of polyps.

Benign tumors develop on damaged areas of the mucous membrane, where inflammation previously took place. Accompanying factors of the occurrence of polyps are chronic constipation and diarrhea.

To establish a diagnosis, the doctor uses a digital rectal examination and the anoscopy method. Treatment of polyps consists in the removal of neoplasms, which is carried out endoscopically. This method allows to reduce the invasion and allows to shorten the rehabilitation period.

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