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Treatment of hemorrhoids

Pathological expansion of some areas of the veins of the rectum leads to hemorrhoids. Enlargement of blood vessels is accompanied by bleeding, they are injured by fecal masses, which provokes even more expansion and traumatization. As a result, enlarged nodes can fall out, and blood clots appear in them. Such a picture of hemorrhoids in an acute form without adequate treatment can turn into a chronic one. 


Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor with the appearance of the first alarming signs.

Make an appointment with a proctologist as soon as possible for the following symptoms:

  • traces of blood on the surface of feces and on toilet paper;

  • loss of knots, which occurs when sitting in the toilet for a long time;

  • feeling of a foreign object in the anal passage, the cause of which is hemorrhoidal nodes filled with blood;

  • itching and burning sensation in the perianal area;

  • pain when walking and when a person sits.


Aggravation of the disease can be accompanied by a high temperature and a feeling of weakness, malaise. The absence of treatment for a long time leads to anemia due to bleeding.


Why do hemorrhoids appear?

Factors in the development of hemorrhoids - heredity. 

The risks of getting the disease increase:

  • with pathological inelasticity of blood vessels, transmitted genetically;

  • excessive loads;

  • lack of activity, sedentary work;

  • excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;

  • lack  of a balanced diet;

  • pregnancy and childbirth.

The method of treatment depends on the stage of the disease, its severity and the presence of accompanying complications, possible contraindications. 

The sooner you see a doctor if you suspect hemorrhoids, the sooner it will be possible to eliminate the symptoms and solve the problem.

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