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Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

Diseases of the proctological spectrum cause considerable discomfort, reduce the quality of life and, in the absence of treatment, are accompanied by complications. That is why it is so important to solve the problem in time. In the medical center, our specialists treat hemorrhoids using laser technology.


LHP (Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty)

The LHP technique is used to stop the progressing hemorrhoids of the 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th stages. During the intervention, vaporization of hemorrhoidal nodes is performed. The non-invasive nature of the treatment reduces discomfort and the likelihood of infection, as well as shortens the recovery period.


FILAC (Fistula-Tract Laser Closure) – for the treatment of fistulas

FILAC technology has proven effective in the treatment of rectal fistulae. During the procedure, the inflamed tissues are exposed to the laser beam. Targeted treatment avoids damage to nearby tissues, and the mild nature of the treatment, combined with non-invasiveness, protects the sphincter from damage.


SiLaC (Sinus Pilonidalis Treatment) for elimination of epithelial coccyx.

The presence of pilonidal disease in most cases is accompanied by inflammation and tissue abscess in the coccyx area. To eliminate the source of inflammation, a probe is inserted into the fistula tract, which allows the affected tissues to be heated with the help of a laser and vaporized. In this way, the area of the wound is reduced, rapid healing is ensured and an excellent cosmetic result is achieved.

In general, the use of a laser for the treatment of proctological diseases allows to reduce discomfort for the patient during and after the operation, and minimize the risk of complications. The patient quickly returns to normal life without pain.

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