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Anal fringes

Anal fringes are skin defects localized in the anus area. The problem is quite common and is often diagnosed at an appointment with a proctologist, ranking third in frequency after hemorrhoids and fissures. The skin folds are soft and do not cause painful sensations, but the way the perianal area looks in the presence of perianal fringes can disturb the patient.


More often, anal fringes are diagnosed in women, which is associated with:

  • pregnancy and childbirth;

  • inflammatory processes in hemorrhoidal nodes, their course in an acute form without proper treatment.

The frequency of detection of anal fringes in men is much lower.


About the expediency of treatment of anal fringes.

Anal fringes are not accompanied by pain, but certain difficulties may arise in everyday life. So, wearing tight underwear or carrying out hygienic procedures can provoke a little discomfort. And this, in turn, leads to inflammation and infection of the perianal zone. 


When should you see a doctor?

  • pain is present;

  • the skin around the anus itches;

  • there is a bloody discharge from the fringes;

  • discomfort due to irritation;

  • the skin around the anus gets wet;

  • defecation becomes difficult.


In the absence of proper treatment, the inflammatory process becomes more intense. The folds become larger, release fluid, the pain increases, and discomfort occurs even when walking. It will not be possible to get rid of skin folds conservatively, only surgical intervention is effective. Anal fringes are removed using radio wave technologies or laser vaporization. Such procedures are non-invasive, so the rehabilitation period is short.

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