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If the human papillomavirus (HPV) is present in the body, it can appear externally in the form of acute condylomas. These are soft formations of a fibroepithelial nature that develop on the surface of the external and internal genital organs, the perianal zone and in the anus. 

Defects can be single, multiple or merged into one.


The presence of anal polyps in the anal area is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • feeling of a foreign body in the anal canal or perineum;

  • the skin itches, itches;

  • liquid is released from the anus during defecation.


In the absence of proper treatment, concomitant complications may develop. HPV is a highly contagious virus with a high level of oncogenicity. The sexual route of infection prevails, while pathogens can remain viable for a long time, developing on hygiene items and household items. 

Lack of personal hygiene, weak immunity, obesity are factors that increase the risk of HPV infection.


The high efficiency of the treatment is demonstrated by the combined scheme, according to which the existing zones affected by condylomas are removed, and the antiviral immunity is activated with the help of special drugs - activators. However, it is worth understanding that no one can give a 100% guarantee of protection against the virus, because it can be in an inactivated state on the mucous membranes, making itself known later.

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