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Anal itching

At the appointment, the proctologist often diagnoses anal itching. Rather, we are talking about not a disease, but a condition when discomfort is felt in the perianal area. In 4 out of 5 cases, such itching is a sign of the development of hemorrhoids, but it can occur as an independent disorder. 


What are the symptoms of anal itching?

  • perianal folds turn red, the temperature in this area rises;

  • perianal dermatitis;

  • the skin dries up, becomes thin, which takes on a chronic form;

  • even a small irritation of the skin leads to the formation of wounds and scratches, which quickly become infected due to the proximity of the anal canal.


In order to establish itching as an independent phenomenon, the doctor must exclude other diseases with such symptoms - abscess, oncology.


How anal itching occurs

As mentioned earlier, hemorrhoids are often the cause of itching. Since the knots in the rectum interfere with the cleaning of the mucous surface from fecal matter, the itch intensifies. Bleeding from the nodes, discharge of mucus and leakage of feces due to the presence of such nodes also contributes to increased itching.

Sometimes the cause of itching is diseases of the proctological and gynecological spectrum, viruses, fungi and bacterial infections. In some cases, itching is diagnosed as an independent condition that is idiopathic in nature. 

So, itching can increase with neuroses, insufficient hygiene or the use of wet wipes that irritate the skin. Overdried skin becomes dry, thin, sensitive to any influences.


In order to choose the optimal treatment scheme for anal itching, the doctor collects an anamnesis and examines the patient using the methods of anoscopy and rectoscopy.

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