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Patients often postpone a visit to the proctologist "until next Monday", although at an early stage, conservative methods can be used🧴.

If surgery is unavoidable, the patient's task is to follow all the recommendations лікаря👨🏽‍⚕️

Treatment of proctological problems with modern methods allows to shorten the rehabilitation period and transfer the patient to outpatient mode within 2 hours after the procedure

Recommendations for a speedy recovery:

🔸Keep the perianal area clean

🔸Refuse physical activity for 2-3 weeks

🔸 Avoid straining during defecation

🔸Give preference to a diet rich in fibre, avoid gas-forming foods

Remember that a timely visit to a proctologist in the presence of symptoms is a guarantee of a quick recovery, an opportunity to minimise the amount of intervention and do without invasive treatment

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