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Recommendations from a proctologist: how to go to the toilet properly🧻

Following a few simple rules will help you avoid many problems in the future:

🔸Don't take your phone to the toilet.

Defecation is a reflexive act. It is very important to empty your bowels and stand up immediately. Prolonged sitting and physical effort increase the risk of developing haemorrhoids. ⠀

🔸Sit in the correct position.

Most often, people do not defecate in a physiological position - at an angle of 90°❌. The ideal option is to sit so that there is an angle of approximately 35° between the spine axis and the hips✅. To achieve this, use a footrest.

🔸Don't hold back the urge.

If you do not go to the toilet in time, faeces gradually lose water and become denser. It will be more difficult to get rid of them, which can lead to constipation and anal fissures. ⠀

🔸Choose the right paper.

Give preference to wet toilet paper, most importantly, without fragrances and alcohol. If possible, wash your face with cold water after going to the toilet. ⠀

🔸Go to the toilet at the same time.

The body will develop the habit of emptying the intestines regularly, which is an excellent prevention of constipation.

👉🏻Якщо you feel uncomfortable during defecation or find bloody discharge, make an appointment with a proctologist.

To make an appointment: +38 (096) 279 83 20 | 11-B Marshala Rybalka St. [MC Mediland]



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