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Colonoscopy | What is it?

This is a procedure that can be used to examine the colon and the terminal part of the small intestine.

Colonoscopy is recommended in the following cases:

🔸Colon cancer screening: for people over 40 years of age or those who have a genetic predisposition to this disease.

Symptom complaints: such as bloody stools, changes in stool color, abdominal pain, and unpleasant odor.

Diagnostics of colon diseases: such as inflammatory bowel disease, polyps, diverticula, cancer and others.

🟠 Before the procedure, you need to follow a special diet and prepare the intestine for examination to ensure the cleanliness of the intestines.

💉The procedure is performed under sedation (under hypnotics). The doctor inserts the colonoscope through the anus and gradually moves it along the intestine, examining the walls and taking biopsies or removing polyps, if necessary.

Colonoscopy is an important method of diagnosing and treating various diseases and is a safe procedure with minimal ризиками🙌🏼

Make an appointment for the procedure by phone: +38 (096) 279 83 20 | 11-B Marshala Rybalka St. [MC Mediland]

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