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Anal sex | myths and truth🍑

Anal sex is considered the most dangerous because the walls of the anus are thin and can be easily damaged. Because of this, there is a high rate of infection during unprotected sex, which is why you need to think about protection and hygiene.

🔸 You can get pregnant from anal sex

MYTH: It is impossible to get pregnant from sperm entering the anus, but if it enters the vagina, there is a chance. It is recommended to use special condoms [stronger ones] to avoid unwanted consequences.

🔸Anal sex is dangerous for health

TRUE, if you don't follow the rules. Anal sex can provoke the development of a number of proctological diseases, such as haemorrhoids or anal fissures, faecal incontinence. Infectious diseases.

🔸 Intimate accessories are hazardous to health

MYTH: Toys can cause damage to mucous membranes and even infections. However, the safety of these accessories largely depends on how you use them.

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