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Anal polyps | removal 🐙.

Proctological diseases do not allow you to live a full life and cause discomfort, one of them is polyps in 🍑.

What are the signs that you have polyps?

🔸 discomfort in the anal passage

🔸 feeling of incomplete bowel movement

🔸 feeling of a foreign body in the rectum

Bleeding during defecation

🔸 bowel movements disorders

Most often, polyps develop on damaged areas of the mucous membrane and in chronic запорі😵‍💫

In the presence of a polyp, there is always a risk of its transformation into a malignant tumour

Our specialists use modern equipment to remove polyps at an early stage without pain and дискомфорту🙌🏼

Make an appointment for a consultation by phone: (096) 279 83 20

We are waiting for you at the address: 11-B Marshala Rybalka St. [MC Mediland]

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