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An improper lifestyle negatively affects the entire body, so problems with 🍑 are no exception.

More than 70% of clinical cases are associated with sedentary work and unbalanced diet😔.

Foods that provoke proctological problems:

☕️ tea and coffee. 3-4 cups of coffee daily can cause acute haemorrhoids;

🍖 smoked and dried sausages, cheeses with a lot of spices;

🐟dry, fried and smoked fish;

🍿dry snacks (chips, crackers, nuts);

🌭foods containing large amounts of fat, spices or empty carbohydrates

This does not mean that these foods cannot be consumed at all in everyday life, but we recommend minimising their amount, but those who already have problems with 🍑 should avoid these foods.

Add more foods with natural fibre, nuts, vegetables and fruits to your diet, and especially, don't forget about soups and liquid cereals😌.

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